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Neck Pain
Physio knowledge

What Connects Poor Posture and Neck Pain

Many of us have faced the problem of neck pain from time to time. This pain can be caused by excessive pressure on the neck

Pediatric Flat Feet
Physio knowledge

Pediatric Flat Feet

We’d like to discuss with you today the debilitating condition of the pediatric flatfoot. We treat a lot of kids in my practice. And today,

How to Increase Height
Physio knowledge

How to Increase Height: Is It Possible?

We’ve got many questions from guys wanting to know IF or HOW they can grow taller height. The good news is that you CAN for

Myofascial Pain
Physio knowledge

Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Trigger Points

Myofascial pain syndrome, MPS, is a common chronic pain disorder affecting various body parts. In skeletal muscles, MPS is characterized by hyperirritable spots called trigger

Piriformis Syndrome
Physio knowledge

Piriformis Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Low back pain (LBP), is ubiquitous. LBP most commonly involves one of the following conditions: sciatic nerve entrapment, herniated nucleus pulposus, direct trauma, muscle spasm

Covid-19 Protocol

Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way the world looks for all of us. Health centers are no exception well one thing that hasn’t changed is making sure you have access to world-class care where you need it when you need it safely and conveniently.

We have taken many steps to ensure that our clinic is safe. Everyone at our location is asked to wear a mask at all times. Each person is asked to clean their hands when they arrive and frequently while they’re here. Changes have been made to support social distancing, and we’ve designed special processes to assure care for Kovach patients while protecting other patients.

Every single person that works at Sports & Spinal Solutions Clinic is committed to keeping you safe.

All of our personnel Wash and sanitize their hands before and after each physical contact.

We clean and disinfect the clinic after each shift of operation.

We clean and sanitize the waiting area/front desk/chairs/switches/door knobs/ periodically during the operation.

We clean and sanitize all the equipment/beds after each use.
We wash and disinfect sheets, towels and gowns after each use when is in contact with the client.